Cheese Republic

Nostalgia has broken into my heart. Relatively high temperature outside and the first bright rays of the sun have taken me back to last summer.

Czech Republic is a land of beer and cheese.  Excellent beer (Velkopopovický Kozel černý- dark Kozel) and splendid fried cheese (smažený sýr)! Dammit, I made myself hungry…

Anyway, Czech Republic is my nearest neighboring country and it would be a serious sin not to visit my lovely neighbors!  I am sure every visit would be fun, no matter what. At least for the Poles. There is a saying that God created Czech language so that the Poles can laugh. And he created Polish language so that Russians can laugh, too… Yeah, it is so true! So, I went to a party in Tallinn and some Russian guys sat with us and since they noticed I’m Polish they asked me to speak my language because they wanted to see if they can understand it. So, I decided to tell them a joke, and I’ve said merely a first sentence and they laughed their asses off… yeah, that was crazy night. I wish there were also Czechs!

Anyhow, my friend and I got to Czech Republic without any problems. My dad found our idea for a trip very interesting, so to say, and he took us there by car with the rest of my family. They left us in our destination (Jeseník) and they went to termální lázně (Velké Losiny).

We started with necessary shopping, which means food and alcohol. And here’s what we’ve found: a cow trapped in a machine.

Ekhm, we decided to remain on vege diet during this trip.


My dad told me it’s fantastic in Velké Losiny, so went there, too.

As a kid I went to Velké Losiny for a camp for young members of the volunteer fire department in my village (funny story btw). But I remember only morning drills and exercises and great chocolate ice creams. Not many memories on the town, though.

We were swimming in a pool filled with stinky water. Ingredients in that water which were responsible for that smell were supposed to make us beautiful, but I am not sure about the results…  The odor was detectable only for a moment, then we got used to it. Although we were afraid that we will stink and we won’t even feel it, we took a bus in hope nobody will notice…

Czech Republic is located among the mountains, so there are plenty smaller or larger rivers and streams. People need to live with that in harmony. And they do.

The next day we thought maybe we can have a train trip, since we’ve already checked buses. I’ve already written how much I appreciate trains. Czechs trains are not really much different from the Polish ones. They are colorful, old and spacious. And almost empty… We took a train to Zlaté Hory (which means Golden Mountains).

The time has stopped in some areas of Czech Republic. Nonetheless I cannot complain on that! The city was ours! We went to see a church from the XVIII century and a  cemetery.

We found an interesting rope next to the entrance to the church. I am sure there is a peculiar story behind it… Sadly, there was not a living soul to ask.

After a dinner we still had some time, so we decided to take a longer way to the train station. At first I thought it was a great  idea, because we encounter cows. I love cows! What a grateful creatures!

But then we walked and walked and there was no end of our walking.  We were in the middle of nowhere. Before we almost panicked about spending th whole night with mosquitoes in the middle of some meadow with not a single cow we had enjoyed the music of grasshoppers and the views.

The worst part is that we didn’t really know which direction to choose. My friend wanted to go to the right and I wanted to go to the left. Fortunately I started to bitching around so in the end we (see: I) decided to go to the left. It was a good choice. We found a trail!

Step by step with rising excitation we managed to arrive on time to the station.

I guess we also walked into somebody’s “summer house”.  There was a fridge and an armchair. We didn’t check where is the rest of facilities. It would be just rude…

And we left Golden Mountains. One last glance from the train.

Time to go home has come. I always like to be prepared especially for unexpected. That’s why I checked all connections between Poland and Czech Republic. Thank you, Internet! We packed our bags and went to the bus station. It turned out that there is NO bus directly to Poland (to have an access to the Internet and do not make any updates it’s a sin…) We took a bus to Mikulovice and then we crossed the border by foot.

We were told it’s a common way of crossing the borders, but we haven’t seen any other pedestrians. No wonder why,  there is no sidewalk… but finally! One step closer to home! Głuchołazy.

Now just to take a bus and a train and we’re home…  Meanwhile we managed to have a dinner and  sightsee a bit of Nysa.

Oh, dear Czech Republic… I’ll be back soon!