Ukraine welcomed us (me and Monika) with a bored customs official. We expected huge lines, but since it has been a national holidays for both the Polish and Ukrainians, we’ve crossed the border without any problems or waste of time. In a few minutes we were in Ukraine, sitting in a bus that took us straight to Lviv. We were exhausted after so many attractions in Przemyśl, but at the same time the excitement didn’t let me take a nap.

First stop – railway station and the searching for the toilet (well, the trip was kinda long). What we’ve found actually surprised us: natural-position toilet.

Then a quick stop in the Information stand to get a map of the city center and we’re off!

It was a fantastic day. We made it! Our dreams came true. Moreover, it was Monika’s birthday. As we stood in front of the church I saw something priceless and beautiful. Monika literally cried from happiness. It was another perfect day in our lives!

I need to mention that I am really good at reading maps. I can’t complain about Monika’s skills, either. But as we entered the city, immediately we got lost. Not for too long, though. Everywhere there are information signs. Also in English! I can read Cyrillic alphabet, but it takes me some time to encode it. So you can imagine how happy we were to read in English.

Along the way we saw many objects that drew our attention. Once it was an ambulance, a police car or a tram. Other times it was a stuffed animal or the architecture.

After a short stop for a coffee, we finally reached the heart of the Old Town. We blend into the crowd in the search of souvenirs, smells and flavors.

Did I mention it was a very hot day?

After a short feast for our eyes we decided to see how does the opera house look like from the inside.

It’s just a sneak peak. Come to Lviv and see how beautiful it is! At the end of the tour you can always take a picture of yourself in a sophisticated place and brag about it on your Facebook profile…

Every city has its own reasonable number of monuments and sculptures. Lviv is no different from others in this respect.

We couldn’t choose better date for that trip. At the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, the Polish poet, his countrymen were celebrating the day of The Polish diaspora. Also, Ukraine started its campaign to promote European Football Championship, shortly EURO 2012. This year Ukraine and Poland are the hosts of this event.

Ukraine it’s amazing country of amazing people. We could easily find a hipster (yup, that one with cute socks).

Now, an interesting view. The center of the city, huge crowd, noises and the music. Great atmosphere! Take a closer look. This also worked for  that baby apparently, coz as I assume wasn’t dead, just slept. Hopefully…

Nah, it was fine.

We were there only for a few days, but we managed to call Kabinet Café our favorite place.

Lychakiv Cemetery and Cemetery of the Defenders of Lviv is MUST-SEE places in Lviv.

We were extremely tired after the distance we made while walking through the cemetery. However, the day was not over yet. Next stop, Museum of Folk Architecture and Life.

Unfortunately the storm ended our sightseeing. As we were heading to the city center the rain  gained in strength, so we had to find a place to hide. And we found a squat. The residents were silent as ghosts and the atmosphere was kinda creepy, so we thought the rain isn’t that bad option for a walk…

We found another lovely place. With sweets!!!

Time go fast when you have fun! Our Ukrainian hosts took us to the greatest restaurant in the Old Town, but there was no place to sit. We agreed to come back there the next day no matter what. And we did. The last hours we dedicated to send postcards, find souvenirs and have a cup of a great coffee in a magical place.

After that trip I feel unsatisfied. I am rather greedy and I want to see everything. I know it’s impossible. Nevertheless, I like to be hungry for more excitements and sensations. It gives me an opportunity (or a need!) to go back to the places I love.

Ukraine, I’ll be back soon!