Buda and Pest

Imagine this: holidays, 7 am and I’m up discovering the beauty of the city. True story.

Even though I love to sleep, the morning sightseeing was very pleasant. Not many cars on the roads, not many people on the streets. The morning wind was refreshing and definitely woke me up. After a long walk, the very first coffee of that day. But there was one thing in particular that made my day – my dream dog!

Sometimes it can be hard to keep the city green. Apparently Budapest doesn’t have problem with trees. In the city center there are lamps that, as I assume, resemble trees. I am not really sure if they are environmental friendly, but at least they look interesting.

I’ve never mentioned this, but you can easily read my face. I cannot lie. My facial expressions are so visible, that I can’t hide anything. So, it was just obvious that it was my first time in the city. My big eyes and constantly open mouth showed my excitement and delight. One more thing about me, I’m very trustful. I know I’m naive but it’s really hard to fight that.

Anyway, with the map in one hand and the camera in the other, I just couldn’t deny I’m a tourist. Monika, with whom I was travelling, looked exactly the same.

An older man approached us talking in Hungarian, which we, obviously, didn’t understand. Somehow, we understood we needed to follow him, what we did being rather careless. It turned out that he took us to a lovely place, that apparently nobody visits. He also said “Edith Piaf” and started to sing while pointing to the floor. I assumed that she sang in that place. I may be mistaken, though… Nothing is free in this world, so we shouldn’t be surprised that the man demanded for money after his short guidance. I think Edith Piaf’s concert brought up the price .

I just need to add, it wasn’t our first time being this foolish, and not the last one, either…

Sightseeing was exhausting! Budapest is full of MUST-SEE places. I guess we managed to see at least half of them.

Isn’t it beautiful? The Old reflects in The New. It  doesn’t only apply to buildings, obviously…

I have the theory that Budapest is a place that once you visit, you’ll have to come back again. And then again and again. Without disappointment.

Ah, I almost forgot. Where there are landmarks or monuments, there are also hipsters taking sweet photos. It’s pretty hard to avoid them…

After a few days spent actively in the city, it’s time for souvenirs! I wish I had more friends, so I could send them all postcards I bought…

I wonder why “seeing a dentist” is placed between “parties” and “drinking beer”…

PS. Yes, and No.
Yes, the cat was real. No, it wasn’t for sale. Sadly.