Next stop, Manchester!

As everybody knows, the weather in England is capricious. No worries, though! I brought several rays of sunshine with me.

The secret of a great day is a clear sky. Sunny days give me more energy and motivation to see more and more and more… Yeah, I get excited too quickly!

Dear Traveller/Explorer/Adventurer!

To enjoy the perks of sightseeing, it’s good to be well prepared. Tips before you’ll start your great urban adventure.

1. Take a small, comfortable bag or backpack with you. You never know what will happen or when you’ll need both of your hands free.  You can put there tissues, lunch or your camera.

2. Don’t forget to take something to drink. It is always needed!

3. Enjoy every little detail of your journey, try to see the beauty of the smallest things like wild flowers.

4. And most important: a smile! It makes our lives much easier and pleasant :) Keep smiling!  Remember that a smile evokes a smile.

Are you ready? Let’s go then!

My general remark is that all buildings seem to be so.. small, not counting the Hilton hotel, which is the tallest point in the city. I was fascinated by the colours. Green and blue fit perfectly to the elevations or window jambs. The old bricks bring back memories of the old days and enchant me.

When new meets old, magical things happen.

Speaking of magic… China Town in Manchester is composed of only a few streets. When you enter that, area Asian natives appear immediately. When you leave it none of them is to be seen. @_@

Be careful though! Everywhere there are places that creep me out even in a daylight…

By the way, I recommend you a movie entitled Harry Brown by Daniel Barber.

Even though I am not a good photographer, I found a great model at Whitworth park. So willing to pose!

I say it all the time, but  small things make me so happy!

A cute little bee (as I assume), an I<3 MCR sign  (you can find it everywhere, just take a look around!), colourful chairs or funny pictures on a window shop… It’s way too much to make my day!

Nevertheless, I could spend hours at Piccadilly Gardens watching crazy teenagers getting wet in the fountain. It’s my favourite place in Manchester.

Manchester, see you again in September!

* Cris, one of the  most important people in my life, was my model (just as that crazy squirrel was). But I don’t need to mention that. You could see that at the first glimpse. Hottie!