Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm

I consider myself as a half-Estonian. Therefore I am glad to celebrate today Estonian Independence Day.

You need to know Estonians are very proud nation and they found an extraordinary way to show everybody WHY. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the president of Estonia encouraged people to share their thoughts about why it is good to live in Estonia.  How he did that, you ask.

Facebook, obviously.  In my opinion it is a fantastic way to establish a real connection with his electorate. Estonia is one of the most technologically advanced countries. It is the first nation that can choose their representatives to parliament online (e-voting) starting from 2005.

In major cities you can notice huge posters with slogans that can convince you to stay there forever and become half-Estonian (to say the least). Have a look:

One of the world’s most beautiful languages spoken by only a few. Let’s be proud of yourself if you are able to speak it.*



Country and people, who can make foreigners who came here for work, education or love and are willing to get acquainted, feel as real home. *



People’s cleverness, actions and constancy are more important than age, heritage or fossilized hierarchy. The one who makes everything on his own is honoured.*


I could present you a national anthem performed by a professional singer to make the lyrics easy to follow. However I decided to demonstrate an amateur clip so you could see and hear how important and serious national songs are for Estonians.  Their singing is full of pride and dignity.

Laulupidu ja tantsupidu, kus on, mida uhkusega laulda ning mille taktis tantsida!
Song and Dance Celebration, which is made to sing proudly and dance in tact.*


*translations from Estonian to English thanks to Kristiina <3

Another Brick In The Wall*

E S T O N I A  – it’s a beautiful country I could live in forever. I’ve spent there five amazing months but I didn’t manage to discover all of its beauty. I could write a book about things that amazed me, but today I’ll show you what draw my attention.

Yeah, you could guess from the title.  But the thing is I’m used to see red bricks in my area. When I noticed white bricks in Baltics I found them extraordinary. Take a look:

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I love the way medieval architecture goes along with modernity.

By the way… There is a nice pub upstairs where you can have Saku Tume. Cheers!

Let’s stay in this Estonian mood for awhile. I am not good at translating from Estonian to English. Fortunately boys sing in English. Let me introduce you: Ewert and the Two Dragons!