Bridge Town

When you live in a dormitory or if you need to share your room with a stranger you can never know what to expect. I don’t have high demands if it comes to a flatmates. I am able to sleep under any circumstances, literally.

Nevertheless it is much more pleasant to interact with your roomie. The perfect outcome is a friendship in the end.
I need to admit it. For last 5 months I’ve had the best roommate ever. The most interesting information about Estonia I obtained from the best source – from her. She helped me to become Estonian to some extent which I am really grateful for.

Thank you, Kristiina!

Last Saturday I visited Kristiina in her place in Rapla. It’s a lovely small city where many famous Estonians come from. She invited me to see a basketball match between Piimameister Otto/ Rapla vs. BC Kalev/Cramo. Of course we supported Rapla team.  Believe me, Estonians know how to support their favorite teams…

After the game I wasn’t able to hear on my left ear. But it was totally worth it! The only player who looked at the audience during the game occurred to be also the cutest one (although he played for opposite team). His eyes stopped at us for a second (in my opinion it was the longest second in my life).  He melted our hearts like an ice cream on a hot day. That moment you could see two teenagers with red faces giggling to each other like if they saw Robert Pattinson. It was nice feeling, though!

That day was full of emotions for me. First time I traveled by Estonian train. It didn’t look extraordinary at all, but the trip was really comfortable and pleasant. Before the match I had a unique occasion to sightsee the charming places in Rapla with its inhabitant as the best guard.

Let me show you a winter landscape of real Estonia!

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Sadly, you can’t see that, but Rapla is a bridge town. I’ve seen there at least 20 charming small bridges.

Side Note

Sometimes I just like to sit down and think. Think about my past, the present and the future as well.  From time to time I change my places and hence the people around me.  All my decisions and new friends – well, all the people around me taught me something about them, but what is more important – about myself.  I have learned about a few substantial matters.

#1  Be grateful and use the knowledge and experience of your friends.
It makes your life simply easier. Learn how to be clever. It’s not cheating – it’s being creative.

#2  Never be jealous. Never.
People have different experiences and backgrounds. We see things from our own perspective. The meaning of things and situations is perceived in different ways depending on the person. Instead, focus on your own way to make your dreams come true. Jealousy will make you unhappy. Avoid it for your own good.

#3  Never regret.
Think before you do something, but if you did it already, don’t regret it. There’s no point to regret something if you can’t change it. Learn your lesson, though.